Solar Pumping


What is solar pumping?

A solar water pump or a solar photovoltaic water pumping system is a system powered by solar energy. It is just like the traditional electric pump with the only exception that it uses solar energy instead of fossil fuel or electricity.

How does a solar pumping system work?

Most solar pool pumps work on a solar-direct principal. That means they connect directly to solar electric panels that turn an efficient DC pump at a speed relative to the amount of sunlight hitting the solar panels. ... They provided a decent long-term return on investment, and required no electricity to operate.

Why should I get a solar pump system?

Solar water pumps are sustainable and use renewable energy. They do not produce harmful pollutants which keeps the air and soil on your farm clean. Compare this to fossil fuel pumps, they create a lot of pollution both with fumes into the air and spills of fuel into your soil.

For example.

Sun Pumps SCB series pumps are designed for use in stand alone water delivery systems. There is no better way to provide water for remote homes, villages, small farms as well as many other needs beyond grid power.

What applications are there for solar pumping?

For Pools:

You can buy a 'DC pool pump' and dedicate 4-6 solar panels to powering it. The solar panels are wired directly in to the pool pump (via some power electronics) and when the sun is shining your pool pump will run. And you can still claim the solar rebate for these panels even though they are not connected to the grid!

For Irrigation:

Solar Powered Irrigation system is a complete system which provides fresh water from a well and reservoir for use in livestock, domestic use and industrial or agriculture.

For Wells:

How do Solar Well Pumps Work? Solar panels create power (direct current) when the sun is shining. ... Optimized voltage is transmitted down the well to the submersible well pump. The well pump then pushes water up through the connected plumbing (usually PVC or black poly pipe) to a hose bib or into a holding tank.