Of all the jobs we might have selected to tell you about in the commercial category, perhaps Roatan's Dive and Yacht Club is our most ambitious. And while it is an excellent example of our broad range of commercial capabilities, we literally could have listed it in nearly every other service category we provide. Described below are just some of the products and services we brought to Roatan's Dive and Yacht Club.

The club is a combination of a yacht basin-type marina, a hotel, a fine dining establishment, an Internet café, a dive shop, apartments, and offices. We first did the distribution wiring for 17 guest rooms, designing and installing occupancy controls so that guests were required to use their room keys to activate and energize the air-conditioning and some of the lighting circuits. This created mandatory energy conservation and therefore cost savings for the club operators-a guest must shut those circuits off in order to lock the room upon leaving.

From there, we did the entire distribution for the rest of the yacht club, including commercial metering and utility services, and distribution of power to all the "out" buildings. We wired the new kitchen facilities,dining area lighting, and office equipment needs-specially designing and installing an isolated grounding system for computer grade backup for the Internet café area and the main office computer systems. To that end, we coordinated with CCS out of Tegucigalpa to provide category 5 cabling for the entire computer network, including all the terminals and patch cables. All cabling was installed to meet international standards.

We ran the underground distribution feeder from the main building service to the marina, where we installed fiberglass marina power pedestals, providing individually metered shore power service to the yacht slips, along with individual phone and cable TV "value added" services to club guests. We wired the dive shop, including the compressor room and the lighting for the dive shop and the apartment above. We installed refrigeration equipment timers and controls, automatic level controls, water pump controls, and controls for filling the cistern. And we assured voltage quality monitoring and protection for all the kitchen appliances and other motor power loads. We encouraged the use of and installed wherever possible energy saving fluorescent lighting inside and for outside walls and walkways.

As the Siemens communication representative on Roatan (see Siemens-International and Siemens-Honduras), we also designed and installed an expandable PBX telephone system which initially provides for 8 incoming lines and 40 extensions.

"Thank you and all your staff for all the effort and time you put in to make our hotel happen as quick as it did . . . You will always receive the best of recommendations from me."
Ron Reed, Roatan's Dive and Yacht Club