When you are building your dream home, or refurbishing the one you already live in, proper electrical wiring is essential. A properly wired home will lower your monthly electrical bill, ensure consistent access to electrical power, and guarantee the safety of your home from electrical accidents for years to come. At Vegas Electric we are proud to offer the following services, all backed by our famous 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Distribution Systems

  • Backup Power Systems

  • Standby Power Systems

  • Alarm & Security Systems

  • Custom Lighting Design

  • Specialty Lighting Control

  • Home Theatre & Sound Systems

  • Communications & Network Wiring Integrated Wiring & Control

As a full service electrical contractor we offer many services we may not be able to list here. Please feel free to contact us with inquiries regarding any service not listed above.

"The job was completed for the price quoted. It was professionally done! With the best equipment available anywhere! By a well trained and caring crew."
Greg and Marilyn Gundy, Roatan

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